Paul J. Wimmer

The Tooele County Sheriff’s Office is committed to serving the public.  We hope you find useful information to help make your family and neighborhood stronger and safer, and to improve upon our already wonderful quality of life in this county.  The Sheriff’s Office is committed to partnering with you to make Tooele County the best and safest place to live, work and play.

Chief Deputy
Brian White

Mission Statement

The Tooele County Sheriff’s Office maintains the highest standards of public safety, services and professionalism to all citizens of Tooele County and those within our detention center.  We are committed to the protection of the constitutional rights of all.  We strive for excellence and are committed to applying community based policing and open communication and collaboration with our community.

Our Core Values

To demonstrate our commitment to our profession and to the public, all employees, of the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office subscribe to the following values:  Ethics, Protection of Rights, Professional Service, Teamwork, Innovation and Creativity.


Our badge is a symbol of public faith, and we accept it as a public trust to be held so long as we are true to the ethics of public service.

Protection of Rights

We are committed to the protection of constitutional rights of all.

Professional Service

We will provide professional, prompt and courteous service, unbiased and effective in our response to any community concern.


We believe that the public is best served when employees work cooperatively as a team and with all of our community partners who share in our mission and core values.

Innovation and Creativity

We value the talents, creativity, and contributions of all employees, who are encouraged to think creatively in solving community problems.

Policy 469 ALPRs

Policy 450 Body-Worn Camera

Policy 1039 Outside Employment