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Tooele County Sheriff
Corrections Division

1960 S. Main
Tooele, UT 84074
Phone 435.277.4200
Fax  435.882.5008

Rules and Information

Detention Center

Phone Calls:

Mailing Correspondence to a Prisoner:


Deposit Money on a Prisoner's Commissary Account:

Pay a Fine or Bail

A court ordered fine can be paid directly to the court or at the jail.

Cash bail can be paid at the jail.  Cash only warrants or fines can only be paid with a certified check or cash (no personal checks).

Bondable warrants can be paid with cash or you may contact a bail bond company.  The jail cannot recommend a bond company.   You can find a company in the Yellow Pages.

Release from Jail

An inmate may be released from jail by:

  1. Paying the bail or fine
  2. Contacting a bail bond company (We cannot refer you to a bondsman. There are multiple listings in the Yellow Pages.)
  3. Release order from the court
  4. Time served

Releases can take from 2 to 8 hours for the paperwork to be completed once it has been received by the court.