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Jail Commander

Lt. Ray Clinton
Jail Commander

Tooele County Sheriff
Corrections Division

1960 S. Main
Tooele, UT 84074
Phone 435.277.4200
Fax  435.882.5008

Corrections Division

The Tooele County Detention Center will serve the citizens of Tooele County by maintaining a fair, humane and secure environment for all inmates in the facility.

The Detention Center staff will continue to serve Tooele County by maintaining the highest level of professionalism and moral character.



The visitation program, implemented by the Detention Center, will be provided courtesy of iWebVisit.com.

This new technology remote Video Visitation will offer increased remote visiting hours and visiting frequency with the convenience of seven-day availability.  the Tooele County Detention Center is proud to offer this service and is dedicated to helping connect loved ones from around the world to those entrusted in our custody.

Visitation Program Rules


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